How to become a member of MICPA

He or she must pass Certified Public Accountant (CPA) (Part II) Exam.

Member Benefits

A MICPA member may enjoy the following benefits:

  1. The opportunity to be selected to undergo specialized workshops on stock exchange operations both locally and abroad and other seminars/forums conducted by foreign professional organizations like ACCA, GIZ, ICAEW, etc.,
  2. MICPA membership entitles him or her to apply to the Myanmar Accounting Council (MAC) to become a Public Practicing Accountant after he or she has competed the 3-year practical training with the private audit firms or practicing auditors recognized by the MAC.
  3. He or she has the right to apply to the ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant Coordinating Committee (ACPACC) to be recognized as an Asean Chartered Professional Accountant (ACPA) after he or she has completed 3-year practical Training after passing the CPA (Part II) Exam. As an ACPA, he or she may provide accounting and other consultancy services in all the ASEAN countries, except auditing for which certain requirements prescribed by the respective countries have to be fulfilled.

Maintain Membership

To maintain their membership in MICPA, there are certain requirements prescribed for its members to fulfill. They are the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Seminars that are conducted at least once a month by MICPA on International Accounting Standards (IAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standards on Auditing (ISA), Professional Ethics, Myanmar Companies Law, Taxation, Stock Exchange, Insolvency Law and other related subjects that are designed to enhance their professional efficiency and competency. All practicing accountants have to complete 120 CPD hours within a period of 3 consecutive years by attending the above seminars, failing that they shall not allowed to be registered as Practicing Accountants (PAs) to engage in public practice as professional accountants. Non-practicing Accountants have to complete 90 CPD hours for renewal of annual registration.

For Practicing Accountants CPD hours per year are fixed at 40 and for Non-practicing Accountants at 30. A minimum of 20 CPD hours are required for first registration, but another 100 CPD hours must be completed to bring it up to a total of 120 hours within the 3 years.